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African Safari
Adventure African safaris for family vacations, budget camping, seniors travel,outdoor safaris and wildlife Tanzania safaris

African Safari.
Adventure Kenya safaris for family vacations, budget camping, seniors travel and wildlife Tanzania safaris.

Aquila Safaris
Africa game lodge offering luxury accommodation as well as African safaris

Gorilla Adventures
African Silver Safaris is a highly experienced tour company based in South Africa specialising in biding and primate tours.

Holidays in Tanzania
Adventure Tanzania safaris for family vacations, budget camping, seniors travel,outdoor safaris and wildlife Tanzania safaris.

In-Spirit Tours - Soul Journeys to Southern Africa
Spiritual journeys to South Africa, designed for people seeking a soul connection with nature and an enlightening experience while travelling in joy and fun with like-minded people in small intimate groups. Meet Africa's greatest lion shaman, Credo Mutwa and San Bushmen, experience African culture, myths and legends, sacred sites, white lions in their natural habitat, scenic splendour and exciting wildlife adventures.

SELF HELP Development Works in Africa
Self Help is unique in its approach to building self sufficiency in Third World countries through its understanding of the concept "what works for me may not work for you". The organisation implements projects designed around the priorities of each local area. Each project is tailor made to the specific requirements of each community and with the full input of the people in that community, using their expertise, ideas and labour. The Self Help approach has transformed parts of Africa from famine zones to food exporting regions in as little as five years.

Team Kilimanjaro
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Team Kilimanjaro

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